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Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on our services. If you're not satisfied with the results, we will work to resolve the issue.

Ignoring a blocked drain can lead to more significant problems, such as pipe damage, sewage backup, and water damage in your property.

Yes, we provide 24/7 emergency services for urgent drain problems that need immediate attention.

Regular maintenance, proper disposal of waste, and using drain strainers can help prevent future blockages. Our technicians can provide additional tips.

You can schedule an appointment by contacting our customer service through phone, email, or our website. We will arrange a convenient time for you.

We prioritise environmentally friendly methods and products in our services to minimise the impact on the environment.

Common signs include slow drainage, gurgling sounds, unpleasant odors, water backup, and pooling water around drains.

The frequency depends on usage and maintenance, but it's a good idea to have drains inspected and cleaned every 1-2 years as a preventive measure. 

We recommend against using chemical drain cleaners as they can damage pipes and are harmful to the environment. It's best to seek professional help. 

Common causes include grease buildup, hair, soap scum, food debris, foreign objects, tree roots, and mineral deposits.

We use various methods, including hydro-jetting, and specialised tools to clear blockages, depending on the nature and location of the blockage.

Yes, we provide services for both residential and commercial properties, offering tailored solutions for each.